Read the Book or Watch the Movie First?

I have in the past read a book and then watched the movie and been so disappointed because they changed it. So now I don’t do both. I either read the book or see the movie.   I have come to…

Having Fun and Making Money

Often these two things do NOT go hand in hand. Many people have to work at jobs they don’t like in order to earn the money they need to survive. I was that way for most of my life. Even… Continue Reading →

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As We Dance

Breathe… Inhale deeply… Exhale slowly… Feel the release.. That smile that Melts me I am all yours Moonlight flickering In your eyes Lighting the room So perfectly In the still Of the darkness I can feel the Warmth sensation Your Continue Reading →

This Site Is As Legit As Chicken Lips!

It is real as the picture I posted. The site is legit. They sell ads and use the money to pay their writers. You just write as fast as your little fingers will go and when you hit the magic

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