Am I Still Welcome?

It has been two to three months that I have not accessed the site.  Too many disruptions that cannot be evaded, from the internet signal down to household chores and some events that all of my online access has been…

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Type and Post. But No payments from here!

Hallo Friends. I payout last 2 months ago also my friends Rahul, Sammie, Bibin are really sad about this site. Two month passed.. No payment from Cgp. My old buddies and me quit the posting. But some fellows type and post…

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I hate that teacher!!

Yesterday was the last day of the signing of clearance. What my goal is.. I want to be cleared on that day. I went to the USC professor because I want him to sign my clearance but unfortunately, I’m not…

Welcome to my birthmont

Time is really fast to pass by. Sometimes we don’t know that something will going to happened in the near day.. But wait.. Whats month it is? Well, it’s just April and it’s my birthmonth! Yes, my birthmonth. I am

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Let Go of Yesterday

Yesterday was a moment in time No matter how clouded, how dim, no matter how lifeless How painful and how disastrous We are moving on Let Go of yesterday Let the rain fall down let it clean your soul Let

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Online Part-time Job for Students and Moms?

Hey guys, I’ve been on in off in this site and this is my first time to post again here in I guess a decade lol! (I just feel it is that long) I guess you already received your payments?

Love really easy to forget where.

Yet having to bruising pains fraud. To choked heart quivering lips and anxious. Despite the pain cut into each other forever. Still not afford to keep her heart, beating transient arrhythmias when another … Love really easy to forget where

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Audio-books are such a boon!

We are always reminded to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits in order to lead healthy and balanced life. Exercise and a healthy eating habit will take care of the body while good books and meditation will look

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Great panic of Swine Flu’s

Cordial request to the concerned authorities especially the government please take all necessary initiatives to prevent Swine Flu in Bangladesh because our neighboring country named India is severely affected by it. A lot of people have already died there and…